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FastBrokers does not charge commissions

on Forex transactions. Our compensations is built form the bid/offer spread and we do not charge  hidden  or additional costs to you. There are no fees to open operate maintain and close your trading  account and we are proud to adopt a no-hidden-fees policy.


To better focus on our customer's needs and avoid any conflict of interest in the company activities, neither the FastBrokers group, nor its brokers or employers, are allowed to operate any personal or managed trading account during working hours.

This help us in supporting our customers without being distracted from the market. When you call us, someone is watching your account, not his own.


We understand Trading

Fast Trading Services, LLC is a global brokerage company offering retail and institutional clients with efficient access to Forex and derivatives markets around the world, trough public and proprietary trading software. Fast Trading Services,  is a privately owned LLC and it is based in California, United States of America. As a brokerage company, the FastBrokers group, is a new concept in the brokerage industry. Far from pushy telemarketers, our group is constantly improving the range and quality of trading and additional services, technologies, which are offered to the final user as an added value, at no additional cost.



Do you remember your broker's first name?

As a team, possesses a vast experience in understanding the traders needs and have proven that they understand how to translate this well-established know-how into a compelling interactive support and finest execution services. This remarkable team has experience in serving a global-based customer clientele, making an extensive use of the best technologies available, without losing  the human and direct touch with customers.

We don't abuse the word "Support"

FastBrokers is well aware that making a good brokerage business requires not only fast and reliable tools, but above all a highly qualified professional support. We are aware how important is to receive an adequate  support in terms of quality and time-response when your personal capitals  are involved. Rather than abusing the term "Support", the FastBrokers group has took action developing custom software solutions capable of organizing and standardizing the support requests, which has lead to the launch of the "Support Site Tool" (SST). SST is a unique software in the trading industry, which brings together technology, automation and human support to a powerful and efficient support instrument for all clients.  Visit our support site to see how we support our traders [support site]




Our Promise. Never Alone

In order to translate our promise into fact, we have defined a  "Service Level Agreement (SLA)" which is a set of written rules inside the company organization shaped to standardize the problem solving processes,  and establish  escalations. It also states limits the time-response allowed time, in order to optimize our customer support and absolve critical missions.


Trademark Notice - Legal Notice - Risk Disclosure - Careers - Privacy Policy - Contacts is a division of  Fast Trading Services LLC,  a member of the NFA - National Futures Association - (ID:0342002) and a registered Independent Introducing Broker with the CFTC - Commodity Futures Trading Commission.


Risk Disclosure: There is a substantial risk of loss in trading futures and foreign exchange. Please carefully review all risk disclosure documents before opening an account as these financial instruments are not appropriate for all investors.


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