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FastBrokers does not charge commissions

on Forex transactions. The actual cost of trading is built into the bid/offer spread you see and there are no hidden additional costs to you. There are no charges to open an account and we are proud to adopt a no-hidden-fees policy.




Rather than abusing of the term "Support" we have taken direct action by developing custom software solutions, capable of organizing and standardizing the support requests, and developing an entire portal dedicated to our most valuable asset: Our customers. [Support] is a complete portals of tools software and services dedicate to our most valuable asset: our Customers. Want to get started? You can send a E-Mail  to support[at]  with your request or visit our support site



Superior Support.


The support requests are handled and piped from our automated system that provides to deliver to the appropriate department to allow you to receive the right answer in a shorter period of time.  The system is fully scalable and automated and rules are defined by the current SLA in use at when as a customer you open a support ticket, you decide  when your issue could be considered solved and not us.


Learn how to Open support-Tickets (Video)


Learn how to manage Support-Tickets (Video)

[Click here to visit the support site]



Submit new E-Help Requests.

View, submit, manage your request support through the ticketing system. Support Tickets details and answers are delivered through the registration mail, or can be accessed through an easy web-interface. [visit]

View and Manage your support Requests

Find the correct answer. Manage your support requests.  The system is fully automated and scalable, allowing every customer to receive response to general problems in an adequate amount of time. [visit]



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Risk Disclosure: There is a substantial risk of loss in trading futures and foreign exchange. Please carefully review all risk disclosure documents before opening an account as these financial instruments are not appropriate for all investors.


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