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OCO Order
One Cancel the Other Order

A One Cancels the Order is a Stop and Limit orders set simultaneously, whereby once either one is executed, the other is canceled. For example, an OCO may be place to close an existing position either with a Limit (take profit), or with a protective Stop (stop loss).

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Net Interest Rate Differential

The difference in interest rates from the countries of two different currencies. For example, if the spot next rate for the Euro is 3.25% and the spot/next rate in the US is 1.75%, the interest differential is 1.50% (3.25% - 1.75% = 1.50%).

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The smallest measure of movement for a foreign exchange rate.

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The smallest measure of movement for a foreign exchange rate.

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According to a recent BIS study on the spot market,  the most heavily traded products are: EUR/USD (28%), USD/JPY (17%), and GBP/USD (14%).
The US currency was involved in 89% of transactions, followed by the Euro (37%), the Yen (20%) and Sterling (17%). Although trading in the euro has grown considerably since the currency's creation in January 1999, the foreign exchange market is thus still largely dollar-centered.

Currencies without barriers

In the beginning Foreign Exchange was a privileged market which access was reserved to institutions only which had to exchange the world's major currencies.


It was only until the recent years that Forex, thanks to the growth of the phenomenon of online trading and to the application of the concept of Over The Counter trading (OTC), has become easily accessible to a widespread variety of daily traders and speculators.


Its exponential growth has of course translated in an unbelievable market liquidity around the clock, to the point that no matter at what time, there is always a buyer or a seller counterpart. Market liquidity, price stability, world wide accessibility allow traders to open or close a position at a fair market price. These have been among the main reasons of the success of Foreign Exchange on such a vast scale.

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Currency Pairs

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Order Types

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Leverage and Margins

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